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Micellar water removes traces of dirt, pollution particles, sebum, make-up and various other impurities without stripping or damaging skin, all in one step. Micellar water is perfect for your daily cleansing routine. Use in the morning and at night to gently cleanse while respecting even the most sensitive epidermal skin.

It works especially well for people with reactive or intolerant skin for whom even rubbing with cotton wool can cause irritation. 

A micelle is a complex structure composed of gentle non-ionic surfactants (cleansing agents), in the form of an invisible microsphere.

Micelles have 2 characteristics:

  • a hydrophilic head that is water soluble
  • and a lipophilic tail that attracts oily materials and is incompatible with water.

This double affinity allows them to attract all kinds of impurities and attach them to the cotton wool. This means they can remove external residues from the environment (make-up, impurities from air pollution, etc.) and impurities related to the skin’s natural functions (sebum, sweat, desquamation, etc.).

Micellar water mode of action

BIODERMA’s micellar waters are recommended by dermatologists, and make-up professionals love them.

Your Skin - Sensibio

They are the leading micellar products because they are made from rigorously selected ingredients.

These include:

  • a specific fatty acid ester called glycerol ester, which is a biomimetic active ingredient that is very similar to the skin’s composition. This is why BIODERMA's micellar water guarantees such high tolerance, even for sensitive skin.
  • high purified water with a unique physiological pH that is the safest available, offering the highest level of chemical and microbiological purity. This is why you do not need to rise off micellar solutions. 

They are hypoallergenic and contain no alcohol and parabens, perfectly matching with the skin and preserving its hydrolipidic film.

How are they different from water ?

Tap water has calcium and chlorine, which may irritate the skin. Thermal waters have no cleansing properties. Their composition varies depending on the season, region and more.

Why are there several micellar water formulas ? 

Laboratoire Bioderma has designed specific micellar waters based on what each skin type needs. They provide perfect tolerance and optimal comfort for all skin types, including sensitive, intolerant, dehydrated and oily skin.

What should I do?

Daily cleansing

  • You can use a micellar water to cleanse your face before applying facial care products.
  • Each evening before bedtime, it is very important to cleanse your skin, even if you do not wear make-up because you need to remove impurities that have accumulated during the day on your epidermis (skin), including pollution particles, scales, sweat, dirt, etc.

Leave-on daily cleanser

Dehydrated sensitive skin

Aquagenium™ patent

Hydrabio H2O

The dermatological micellar water cleanses, removes make-up, moisturises.

For who?

Adults, Teens

BIODERMA product photo, Sebium H2O 500ml, micellar water for acne prone skin

Leave-on daily cleanser

Combination to oily skin Acne-prone skin

Micellar technology

Sébium H2O

The dermatological micellar water cleanses, removes make-up, purifies the skin without drying it.

For who?

Adults, Teens

BIODERMA product photo, Sensibio H2O 500ml, Micellar water for sensitive skin

Leave-on daily cleanser

Sensitive skin Normal skin

Micellar technology

Sensibio H2O

The pure, original skin soothed and freed from make-up and pollution.

For who?

Adults, Teens